First Austrian IFIP Forum “AI and future society”

22 April 2019 By In IFIP TC12 Blog

The third wave of AI

Artificial Intelligence has been declared as multidiciplinary science in 1956. Since researchers and practitionners have invented and experimented various approaches and techniques as well as of concious as unconcious AI. Its third wave has been triggered by big data on one hand, increased computer power and motivation to sale more and quicker on the other hand. Technologies as intelligent assistant, automated translators robots, cobots, autonomous vehicles are now available, but they raised other questions and challenges.
Ours speakers will try to answer the following questions:

  • What Future with AI?
  • Governance and Ethics of AI
  • Main fields of AI
  • Synergy Human- AI ?
  • Examples of applications
  • AI for Society – What impacts ?

 You can find more info in the pdf attachment below.

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