Welcome to the website of TC12, the International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is one of the oldest and most exciting subfields of computing, covering such areas as intelligent robotics, intelligent planning and scheduling, model-based reasoning, fault diagnosis, natural language processing, machine translation, knowledge representation and reasoning, knowledge-based systems, knowledge engineering, intelligent agents, machine learning, neural nets, genetic algorithms and knowledge management.Eunika
TC12 was formed back in 1989. It now has members representing 33 national computer societies, together with representatives of the ACM and the IEEE, and has several working groups covering major topics in AI.
In recent years, TC12 and its Working Groups have sponsored or co-sponsored a range of events worldwide. Details of some of these are given on this website. It has also made major contributions to recent IFIP World Computer Congresses.

As Chair my aim is to build on this excellent foundation by expanding our conference programme, strengthening our working groups and developing a number of other initiatives in the next few years. If you are interested in becoming involved in TC12 activities please contact either me [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] or the Committee's secretary, Prof. Elize Ehlers [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]. 

 Professor Eunika Mercier-Laurent


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WG 12.1 - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Aim: To study and develop theory and techniques for knowledge representation and reasoning...

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WG 12.5 - Artificial Intelligence Applications

Aim: To explore the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques for applications development...

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WG 12.9 - Computational Intelligence

Aims: To obtain a deeper understanding of Computational Intelligence and its Applications...

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WG 12.12 - AI Governance

Aim: The main purpose is to connect with selected groups working on AI Governance...

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WG 12.2 - Machine Learning and Data Mining

Aim: To study and develop theory and techniques for machine learning and data mining....

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WG 12.6 - Knowledge Management

Aims: To develop advanced methods for organizing, accessing and exploiting...

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WG 12.10 - Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science

Aims: To connect research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science...

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WG 12.3 - Intelligent Agents

Aim: To study and develop the theory and techniques for intelligent agents...

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WG 12.7 - Social Networking Semantics and Collective Intellig.

Aim: To become a multidisciplinary group that searches for and studies the theoretical...

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WG 12.11 - Artificial Intelligence for energy and sustainability

Aim: Intelligence in energy is a very important issue for energy management, product...

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WG 12.13 - AI for Global Security

Aim:  The main purpose of the AISEC is to debate and demonstrate how AI can...

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