Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development: Opportunities and Challenges

Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development: Opportunities and Challenges

From September 29, 2021 02:06 until November 29, 2021 04:06 Save to calendar

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Theme: Health and Equality

Supported by International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)

Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development will provide an open forum for experts, thought leaders and researchers to explore how emerging and transformational computing technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart sensing, knowledge discovery and data analytics can support sustainable development in the area of health, wellbeing and equality.

The main objective is to identify significant challenges and opportunities, and directions for potential solutions.

This event targets a wide range of audiences including industries, government agencies, researchers, and students. This event has the technical sponsorship of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) as it is under the “IFIP 60th Anniversary (Jubilee) Events” category, which is part of the #ifip60 series of celebration events around the world.

The event will feature presentations and contributions of leading experts from Western Sydney University, Flinders University, CSIRO, Amazon Web Services and Australian Computer Society.

Note: this is an online event

Wednesday, 29 September 2021
2:00 pm – 6:30 pm AEST

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Event Schedule

Opening Message

Professor Simeon Simoff, Western Sydney University
Anthony Wong, IFIP

Session 1: Frontier Technologies for Health and Wellbeing

Chair: Associate Professor Anupama Ginige, Western Sydney University

  • Talk 1: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health: Challenges and Directions
    Professor Anthony Maeder, Flinders University
  • Talk 2: Platform for Sensitive Data Access and Use in Healthcare
    Dr. Jim Basilakis, Western Sydney University
  • Talk 3: The Future of Health is in Your Pocket
    Dr. Marlien Varnfield, CSIRO

Q&A and Discussion


Session 2: Frontier Technologies for Equality

Chair: Professor Alana Maurushat, Western Sydney University

  • Talk 4: Empowering Smallholder Farmers through Knowledge Driven Value Creation: Case study from Agrifood Domain
    Professor Athula Ginige, Western Sydney University
  • Talk 5: Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Amazon Web Services
    Anna Green, Amazon Web Services, Singapore
  • Talk 6: Equity of access to Healthcare through Telehealth
    Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, Coviu Global Pty Ltd
Q&A and Discussion
Closing Remarks
2021-09-29 02:06:00
2021-11-29 04:06:29